COVID-19 Electrostatic Disinfecting Services

COVID-19 Electrostatic DisinfectingGrimeAway of Memphis can help you stop the spread of COVID-19. With disinfecting services, we can kill the virus and stop or prevent COVID-19 from spreading in your residential or commercial property.

Dry and wet dusting are not effective cleaning techniques. Dry dusting simply kicks up resting particles, which redistributes them into the air and onto other surfaces. Wet dusting often uses harmful chemicals  and does not get into hard to reach spots.

The most effective way to clean and sanitize, stripping dirt, dust and germs from surfaces that require specialized sanitation is by using an electrostatic sprayer.

Using the Electrostatic Sprayer will enable quick and effective application of solutions for pest control, sanitation, odor control, disinfection and more. The electrostatic charge that is applied to the spray creates a magnetic-like attraction, allowing the spray to cover hidden and hard to reach areas. The fine, electrostatically charged mist that comes out of the sprayer wraps around the surface, ensuring 100% coverage.

Electrostatic spray disinfection is perfect for sensitive places, like R&D labs, schools, daycare and healthcare facilities, and for desktops, floors and walls that need to be spotless and germ free.

Don’t fight COVID-19 on your own. Contact us today to protect your surfaces!

To learn more about the scientific explanation of the electrostatic sprayer, watch the video below.